Lisa Malcolm is a certified holistic nutrition consultant who works with pediatricians and functional medicine doctors.  Her passion to heal others through proper nutrition and natural supplements has been fueled by her own experience with her son, who is now 10 years old.  Lisa’s son is like many who struggle with allergies, asthma, ADHD, and processing issues.  Through her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition she has come to understand the harmful effects of inflammation in the body that ultimately contributes to these issues.  This knowledge allowed her to eradicate the symptoms of inflammation for her family, and she feels the responsibility to share her expertise with anyone suffering with their health. 

Lisa provides her clients with ongoing support in changing their diets from a conventional American diet to one of whole seasonal foods free of chemicals and GMO’s. She has many tips and tricks to make this transition easy for her clients and ultimately sets them up for success. When Lisa is not helping clients she is at a Bar Method exercising, creating new healthy recipes, spending quality time with her family and continuing to educate herself in health and nutrition.


“I first reached out to Lisa about 6 months ago. I had been struggling with digestive issues, bloating, lethargy, change of monthly cycle (heavy and painful), and recent weight gain – even though nothing else had changed in my life.

I knew my diet was the one factor I did not have under control and didn’t fully understand. I worked with Lisa in going over what worked best for me in terms of diet and supplements. Simple changes with very effective results. In a few weeks, I was feeling more energetic, lost the bloat, and dropped the extra weight. She worked with me remotely, checked in with me regularly, and continued to share tips along the way. She also educated me on the current research for the things that were both good and not so good for me.

I can’t thank her enough. I know you’ll be as impressed and grateful as I was.”

Warm regards,
Dr. Paula Gelbart

“My association with Lisa might have been only a few months, but the connect I feel with Lisa feels like – she is one of the few who understands exactly what I’m going through.

Lisa is extremely friendly, highly knowledgeable, very compassionate, and most importantly takes her time to listen to patients.

Lisa has been a great help to me over the last few months in treating my son for leaky gut. Though I may not have always been the easiest of patients, I always trust Lisa’s opinion and suggestions. I feel at ease when Lisa suggests something, and I always follow it to the dot.

On days when you feel like you are not making any progress in your journey, and the mind starts playing it’s tricks – Lisa is THE PERSON you want to have on your health care team.  Not only is she great at her profession, she’s a good guide and mentor as well. She’s full of clarity, and pillar of strength. She helps you maintain the course and doesn’t let you deviate from your main target.

Lisa always takes the time, or should I say MAKES THE TIME to listen to my concerns. When I have a question and I reach out to her – the response is almost always immediate.”

Keerti Chunduru

I can’t speak highly enough of the support that Lisa has given me. If it weren’t for her I would still be hopping from one doctors office to another.

I wish her all the very best in all her future endeavors !!

My son, who is only 15, was already overweight and was suffering from several health issues. My daughter had been suffering from severe seasonal allergies and eczema for a while. We had been searching for several years for someone to help us find answers until we finally met with Lisa. Lisa helped guide me in the right direction to a better diet and healthy lifestyle. Within 2 months, my son lost 15 pounds, and his energy level and mood have improved significantly. Just his overall appearance and health have greatly improved. My daughter’s allergies and eczema completely disappeared. I am so grateful to have met and worked with Lisa. Our lives have completely changed for the better.

Thank you,

Brenda Tovar