Consultation   $170

60 minute consultation goes over health history and any lab tests already done to incorporate the best nutrition strategy for the client.  Also recipes and tips will be provided to get started.

2 week sugar detox   $175

2 week sugar detox is designed to reset your metabolism and calm inflammation in the body.  This program gets rid of sugar cravings and promotes stable blood sugar throughout the day keeping you fuller longer. Ultimately weight loss occurs.

Gut healing program  $150

This program is designed for clients with food sensitivities, allergies, asthma, skin issues and digestive distress. By healing the gut lining and restoring beneficial gut flora clients can improve or even eliminate these symptoms and enhance digestion, vitamin and mineral absorption, and proper elimination.

1 month program $375

1 month program includes the consult as well as a weekly check in with guidance and helpful tips to stick with your program.
This is designed for someone that wants to get their health back but needs a little support.

6 month program $1700 $500 (discount)

6 month program includes everything in the 1 month program and more.  This program is designed for clients wanting to make a positive change in their health long term. The 6 month program promotes healthy eating habits, detoxification, and a complete reset for the body.  This is a great choice for someone who needs to be held accountable and have extra support to maintain their health goals. Recipes tips and a cooking demo will be provided.

Cooking classes $95.00

Cooking classes – These classes are designed to help people make healthy and delicious meals using fresh plant based ingredients and super foods to ensure they are getting a power packed meal.